Ignite Your True Calling and Craft a Rewarding Career

Vocational Guidance For Underachievers Who Hate the 9-5

Craft a Career Fueled by Meaning, Mission & Purpose

I am a Western Astrologer and Vocational Guide.
I will help you discover work that aligns with your unique gifts and purpose.
Together we will design a career or business that’s right for you.

It’s time to embrace the Vocational Quest and pursue your life’s work.

Are You Feeling Like This?

I Feel Underwhelmed

I rarely get excited about work.
I quickly lose motivation.
Nothing inspires me.

I Feel Confused

There are no careers that fit me.
I don’t know my mission.
I just can’t make a decision.

I Feel Worried

I’m scared of making the wrong choice.
I’m scared of feeling trapped.
I’m scared of being left behind.

I Feel Pressured

I feel like time is running out.
I feel like my options are limited.
I’m trapped by other people’s expectations.

I Feel Useless

I don’t feel proud of my skills.
I don’t know what I’m good at.
I feel like I have nothing to offer.

I Feel Dissapointed

I feel frustrated with myself.
I want to achieve great things but I can’t seem to change.

Everyone around you keeps emphasizing the need to find a "proper job". But you are determined to create your own version of success...

Problem is...

You don't know what kind of work will allow you to feel creative, fulfilled and free.

You work short-term jobs that don't demand much responsibility. But they still make you feel trapped and joyless. You "stick it out" until you've saved up enough to move on.

But after embarking on adventures, or taking time off, you return to another temporary position. You make promises to yourself that this time, you'll "make the most of it," and convince yourself it won't be so bad.

But it's just replay of the same old routine, and you find yourself stuck in an endless loop, desperately seeking meaningful work...

Hi, I'm Luke Stacey - Vocational Guide and Astrologer

For the longest time, I yearned for a real vocation. But every job I took was a disappointment. No career felt "right".

I was a classic underachiever; lots of potential but no direction and purpose.

I chased "internet money", working with entrepreneurs and high achievers. But, a bigger salary didn't bring more fulfillment.

Finally, I had a revelation that changed everything...

...the key to fulfilling work isn't stumbling upon the right career; it's creating one.

It's time to leave the cycle of dissatisfaction behind and step into a future of purpose and achievement.

Here's the Thing...

When work becomes a creative process you...

Feel Immense Job Satisfaction: Even during challenging moments, you consistently feel a rewarding pride in what you have accomplished.

Feel Internally Motivated to Perform: You are propelled forward by goals that are uniquely yours.

Feel Creatively Inspired: You express yourself through your work like an inspired artist.

Work in a state of flow throughout the day: You feel fully immersed in a task to the point where everything else seems to fade into the background.

Love telling people about what you do: You radiate enthusiasm and genuine excitement when sharing your work.

Unleash Your True Potential: Each task you tackle brings you closer to realizing your grand vision, empowering you to dream fearlessly.

Work in Your Zone of Genius: Your days are devoted to utilizing your unique strengths and talents - the activities that truly ignite your passion.


The Vocational Quest is a transformational process that takes dedication and perseverance. You will need to:

Discover Your True Calling: Get intimately familiar with your natural talents, aptitudes and virtues. Delve into the qualities that distinguish you from the rest, and pinpoint what you're genuinely meant to pursue.

Clarify Your Work Purpose: Understand what you aspire to achieve and express through your professional journey. Define the people you aim to serve and the scope of impact you desire to make.

Transform Your Vision into a Tangible Career or Business: Harness your self-awareness, vision and intuition to create a sustainable career or business that resonates with people and compels them to invest in your offerings.

Build Creative Courage: Embrace boldness, vulnerability, and self-expression. Unleash your creative instincts and uncover fresh horizons of opportunity.

Take Decisive Action: Confront your fears head-on and boldly take the steps needed to turn your vision into a tangible reality.

Commit with Certainty and Conviction: Nurture unwavering devotion to your vision, purpose, and journey, and stand strong in the face of the challenges that lie ahead.

So, where do you go from here?

You could:

OR, Alternatively:

My unique approach to vocational guidance blends astrological insights, deep coaching, and business mentoring.

Since childhood, I've had a deep connection to the esoteric arts. I've been an devoted student of the Western tradition, teaching philosophy and occultism since I was 14. Sharing these subjects has been my lifelong passion and greatest joy.

But, for the longest time, I believed that my vocational interests were not suited to the world of work. As such, I pursued various careers to make ends meet.

Over the last ten years, I've had the privilege of collaborating closely with numerous internet entrepreneurs. I noticed that their relentless pursuit to maintain a facade of success left them feeling adrift, hollow, and plagued by existential doubts.

They played a game of "escaping work" but ended up recreating the very system they wanted to avoid.

I came to understand that work is not a problem to be solved; it's a vehicle for creative expression.

After a profound astrological consultation I felt a strong calling to begin reading for others. I combined my knowledge, skills and experience into a unique vocational guidance program.

My mission is to help individuals like you discover their true calling, navigate the complexities of work, and genuinely embrace their vocation.

“Luke has an excellent capacity for insight, and has greatly helped me on my spiritual quest toward vocational fulfilment”

His ability to listen to and understand my needs, all whilst integrating them into his deep understanding of astrology, is astonishing.

David M.

Astrology is the Perfect Tool
for Vocational Insight

Astrology Embraces Individuality: Unlike psychometric profiling, which tends to place individuals into predefined categories, astrology celebrates the unique individuality of each person. It recognizes that you are more than a mere label.

Astrology Unearths The True Self: Astrology has the capacity to cut through feelings of low self-esteem and tap into the core of your authentic Self. It allows you to appreciate your true essence beyond ego-driven doubts.

Astrology Facilitates Self-Discovery: Astrology serves as a powerful tool for self-discovery. It's symbolic language encourages self-knowledge and prompts reflection on your life in a holistic and honest manner, enabling you to transcend societal pressure.

Astrology is Collaborative: An astrologer acts as a mediator, not an authority figure, facilitating a collaborative process between your natural self and your conscious ego awareness.

Astrology Embraces the Big Picture: Astrology takes a panoramic view of the human experience. It offers a broad perspective that allows you to zoom out and focus on the overarching narrative of your life, helping you see the big picture.

In your reading, we'll unveil your astrological blueprint, guiding you towards a fulfilling vocation. It will help you...

The COMPLETE Vocational Guidance Program

Here's the framework...

This one-of-a-kind private program combines astrology, coaching and business mentoring. I will help you transition from “No career feels right” to “I love my work”.

Step 1

Vocational Profiling

We’ll intertwine your life’s narrative with celestial insights from astrology, unveiling hidden patterns in your journey. This will help uncover your true calling, unique talents, and profound work-purpose.

Step 2

Inspiration & Creativity

I’ll guide you through creative exercises that unlock your imagination and connect with your unconscious. Through natural, intuitive expression, you’ll align with your vocational path.

Step 3

Clarify Your Values

I’ll assist you in recognizing the difference between your personal values and those influenced by society. We’ll uncover the values that genuinely resonate with you. Additionally, we’ll concentrate on identifying what you need to feel genuine fulfillment.

Step 4

Joys, Talents & Virtues

Together, we will establish a clear understanding of your interests, what brings you joy and evaluate your top skills and talents. You will receive direct feedback from those in your circle to uncover any overlooked aspects.

Step 5

Define Your Vision

Through deep coaching you will contemplate the world’s future, discovering your unique role within it. This vision will become your guiding compass, motivating you to dream big and make an impact.

Step 6

Discover Who You Serve

Through research and interviews, you will discover the people you are called to serve. These individuals face specific challenges they can’t tackle alone, but you possess the unique virtues to help them succeed.

Step 7

Creative Career Design

We will condense your vocational profile, vision, and core values into a clear work purpose. By taking inspiration from existing positions, we will collaboratively create a range of potential businesses or roles for you to consider.

Step 8

Reality Testing

You will talk to people who work in the fields you’re interested in, so you can really understand what they’re all about. Plus, you’ll try out your business ideas in a smart and efficient way to see if they’ll work.

Step 9

Marketing Strategy

With a clearer understanding of who you are, where you want to go, the problems you want to focus on and the people you want to serve – I will help you create the marketing fundamentals that communicate your holistic vision to the world. 

Step 10

Transition Strategy

We’ll create a detailed action plan to guide your transition from where you are to where you want to be. I will encourage you to embrace the journey’s significance, whether retraining or pursuing dreams while working full-time—it’s part of your unique path.

Exactly What You Get...

12 X 90-minute one-on-one calls.

Homework & Challenges in between sessions.

Accountability Check-Ins to help you stay focused and on-track.

Phone & Email Support whenever you need it.

What You Come Away With...

It all starts with a 100% FREE discovery call...

During this FREE 30 minute call, we'll dive into:

Your Current Career Feelings: Share where you're at in your career and how you're feeling about it. Whether you're uncertain, seeking change, or curious about potential, this is your space to open up.

Any Questions You Have: Curious about how an astrological approach can guide your career path? Ask away. I'm here to explain my method and how it connects with your vocational aspirations

Your Personal and Work Narrative: We'll explore your unique journey and how it's shaped your identity and career aspirations. It's about understanding your past to unlock your future.

Our Potential Fit: This is our chance to get to know each other and see if we're a good match for further exploration of your career journey.


What happens in an astrology reading?

My astrology readings are collaborative and you are an integral part of the process. We use your birth chart as a tool for self-exploration. During the reading, I’ll explore your chart and provide interpretations. These interpretations will be the basis for our discussion, and as we talk, new patterns, connections and insights will emerge. 

Do you offer paid readings?

Yes, I do provide comprehensive paid readings, but I also extend an invitation to everyone to join me for a free, initial consultation. This way, you can experience my style and determine whether it’s the right fit for you before making any investment.

I don't know what time I was born, can we still work together?

Yes, absolutely. While it’s preferable for you to provide your birth time, I can employ alternative systems to offer insights. If you’re certain you don’t know your birth time, please reach out to me, and I’ll provide some potential solutions.