Hi, I'm Luke, Astrologer + Vocational Guide.

Whether you seek greater self-knowledge or clarity around the next chapter in your vocational voyage, I'm here to support you in discovering and pursuing your life's work. Through vocational astrology, I help others discover their cosmic blueprint and illuminate clarity of purpose in their work and lives.

“Luke has a gift for guiding people towards purposeful work.

I was feeling lost about my career path when I started working with Luke. During the reading, he patiently listened and helped illuminate my strengths and ideal direction. His mastery of astrology empowered me when I was struggling with life's big questions. I'm grateful for his support in realizing my vocational calling.


My passion for understanding the deeper truths encoded in ancient symbols and occult philosophy began in childhood. I was always that curious kid with their nose in a book seeking to unravel life's mysteries.

My motivation intensified after working with young people desperately lacking direction. I witnessed firsthand the widespread epidemic of feeling adrift, devoid of meaning and purpose.

Through exploring vocational astrology, I realized the birth chart provides a framework for guiding people to purpose. I wanted to help illuminate the authentic life path for those struggling with the existential "why" behind their work.

I made a pivotal decision to leave my previous career and embrace my destiny as a professional astrology - using these ancient teachings to help others discover clarity of direction and soul-aligned vocation.