I guide seekers through imaginal dialogues with the symbolic wisdom of the cosmic mirror.

Hi, I'm Luke, Traditional Western Astrologer.

My lifelong journey to uncover the hidden truths of the cosmos through astrology, tarot and occult philosophy began when I was a curious 14 year old.

Now I integrate my passion for the esoteric arts into my professional work - serving as an astrologer and vocational guide. Through personalized consultations, I assist clients in uncovering their vocation and aligning with meaningful work.

Work With Me

Are you new to astrology?

Here's What You Can Expect in a Consultation...

Collaborative Discovery

We will have an open dialogue to explore the symbolic meanings in your birth chart. You will be an active participant in our collaborative discovery.

Empowering Insights

I will provide honest truths about your chart without dictating what you “should” do. My goal is to elucidate, empower, and excite you about potential paths. 

Relatable guidance

I’ll introduce you to your birth chart using clear, understandable language. My priority is making the symbolic language relatable. 

“Luke has greatly helped me on my spiritual quest toward vocational fulfilment.

He has an excellent capacity for insight. His ability to listen to and understand my needs, all whilst integrating them into his deep understanding of astrology, is astonishing.”


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