Vocational Astrology Consultation

60 Minute Reading + Recording

£85 GBP / $110 USD

In this reading, we begin by examining your overall life direction. Next, we focus on clarifying your vocational vision, aiming to develop a vivid, symbolic representation of your career aspirations. Lastly, we address any specific questions or challenges you may be facing. This approach is designed to enhance clarity and focus on your career path, empowering you with a deeper understanding of your vocational calling.

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3 Session Deep Dive

3 X 90 minute Consultations

£300 GBP / $385 USD

Designed for those seeking a deeper understanding of their vocational path through the lens of astrology. This package includes in-depth analysis of your natal chart and also guides you through personalized exercises aimed at unlocking your true vocational potential. Between sessions, you'll engage in thought-provoking activities tailored to your unique astrological blueprint, fostering self-discovery and clarity about your career direction.

Vocational Guidance Program

12 X 90 minute Consultations

£1225 GBP / $1550 USD

In this comprehensive program we explore your vocational path and identify the people you're meant to serve, culminating in the design of a career or business that aligns with your vocational insights. Through consultations, homework, and personalized support, you'll gain a deep understanding, create a detailed vision and mission statement, validated career or business ideas, and a step-by-step action plan to make an impactful transition.