Vocational Challenges

Escaping Entry-Level Purgatory

Tired of the endless cycle of unfulfilling jobs? Discover how astrology can illuminate your true vocational path, guiding you to a career that resonates with your deepest values and aspirations.


Neptune’s Allure: Escapism or Aligning with Your True Vocation?

Discover how Neptune’s influence in astrology can lead us from societal illusions of success to genuine fulfillment. Learn to navigate beyond superficial dreams, uncovering your true vocational calling for a life rich with purpose and passion.

Vocational Astrology

Introduction to Vocational Astrology

Discover your calling with vocational astrology. Explore deeper meanings, talents, and the work you’re destined for. Awaken to a career aligned with your soul’s purpose.


I'm Luke, traditional Western astrologer. I use my love for the esoteric arts to help my clients discover and pursue their true vocation.

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Get a sense of the how and why of your vocation with a detailed astrology reading. Together, we'll uncover how your vocational placements shape your professional life, career path and daily work activities.