Vocational Astrology Consultation

Vocational Alignment is Tough.

Maybe you feel:

But what if astrology could help guide you towards a fulfilling vocation?

Imagine a life where you...

Feel Immense Job Satisfaction: and a healthy pride in what you have accomplished.

Feel Internally Motivated to Perform: propelled forward by goals that are uniquely yours.

Feel Creatively Inspired: express yourself through your work like an inspired artist.

Work in a state of flow throughout the day: feel fully immersed in a task to the point where everything else seems to fade into the background.

Love telling people about what you do: radiate enthusiasm when sharing your work.

Unleash Your True Potential: Each task you tackle brings you closer to realizing your grand vision, empowering you to dream fearlessly.

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Get a sense of the how and why of your vocation.

Discover answers to questions like:

Vocational Astrology Consultation

60 Minute Reading + Recording

£85 GBP / $110 USD

In this reading, we begin by examining your overall life direction. Next, we focus on clarifying your vocational vision, aiming to develop a vivid, symbolic representation of your career aspirations. Lastly, we address any specific questions or challenges you may be facing. This approach is designed to enhance clarity and focus on your career path, empowering you with a deeper understanding of your vocational calling.

How It Works

Step 1

Purchase Your Reading

The cost of the astrological consultation includes our session as well as chart prep.

Step 2

Share Your Details

I need some essential information from you including the date, time and place of your birth. 

Step 3

Schedule A Time

Select a convenient appointment time and book your session.

Step 4

Sync Up

At your scheduled reading time, you and I will meet  to review and discuss your birth chart. 

Frequently Asked Questions


I practice traditional Western astrology, utilizing whole sign houses and traditional planetary rulerships. Most of my techniques come from the Hellenistic and medieval traditions. However, I also synthesize modern interpretive methods into my readings.


Should you need to cancel or reschedule our session, I kindly request 48-hours notice. I'm happy to work with you to find a mutually convenient new time and date, free of any extra charges. However, last minute cancellations without the courtesy of notice will still incur the full fee.


Yes! Since it may take time to fully absorb everything, I'm happy to record our session and send you the link afterwards. This allows you to revisit anything that particularly resonates. If you prefer not to record our talk, no problem at all - just let me know your preference.


Having an accurate birth time is essential for a meaningful interpretation. Please check with your family if they know your exact time of birth. In the UK, this information is not on the birth certificate but may have been be recorded by the hospital. In the US, it is typically documented on the full, long-form birth certificate.